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Conte's fifth title in 7 seasons ... 10 impressive facts about Inter Milan's victory in the Italian League

 Conte's fifth title in 7 seasons ... 10 impressive facts about Inter Milan's victory in the Italian League

Inter Milan won the Italian league title this season, 4 rounds before the end of the competition, to break the dominance of Juventus, who won the title in the last nine seasons without any real competitor.

Inter Milan, led by technical director Antonio Conte, presented very strong levels this season, to be on the throne of the championship with 82 points, 13 points behind their closest chasers so that the title is his first in 11 years in the "Calcio".

The "Nerazzurri" successes did not come out of nowhere. Rather, they were the result of the presence of distinguished players such as Romelu Lukaku, Lautaro Martinez, Achraf Hakimi, Niccolo Barilla, and Marcelo Brozovic, in addition to Conte's training acumen.

In the following report, we review the 10 most impressive facts about Inter Milan winning the Italian League this season.

Conte started and ended Juventus' title dominance

Conte took over Juventus in 2011, before he immediately succeeded in ending a 7-year drought without any league title, as he won with the "old lady" 3 consecutive titles before leaving.

In 2019, Conte returned to Italy from the Inter Milan gateway, to succeed with him in ending the dominance of Juventus, which he started in 2011, winning the title of "Calcio", and breaking the monopoly of "Juventus", which spanned 9 consecutive seasons.

Conte's fifth title in 7 seasons

Conte has proven that he specializes in achieving the league title. After winning 3 titles in a row with Juventus during 3 seasons, he won the league title once with Chelsea in two seasons, before winning the "Calcio" title once with Inter in two seasons.

Inter is equal to the score for its last win in the "Calcio"

The last time Inter Milan won the "Calcio" title goes back to 2010, after collecting 82 points that made the top, the same points balance that made the "Nerazzurri" official champions of the competition this season but with 4 matches remaining.

The team least lost in Europe

Inter Milan is the team with the least loss in the five major European leagues this season, as only two teams were able to inflict a loss on it, as the first game against Milan in the "Derby" (1-2) last October, and the second was in front of Sampdoria with the same result last January.

The second coach to win the "Calcio" with Inter and Juventus

Antonio Conte has become the second coach to win the Italian League title with both Inter Milan and Juventus after Giovanni Trapattoni, and he is also the fifth most successful coach in Serie A history with 4 titles.

The first title in the league in 11 years

The current Italian League title is the first for Inter Milan in 11 years, breaking the monopoly of Juventus, which lasted for 9 consecutive seasons, as the last time the "Nerazzurri" won the title for the 2009-2010 season with Jose Mourinho, the Portuguese coach.

Terrifying offensive duality

Inter Milan has a terrifying offensive double for the opponents and was an important reason for their return to the podium, in the presence of the "bulldozer" Romelu Lukaku, and the "talented" Lautaro Martinez, where the duo scored 36 goals and scored 15 other goals.

Lautaro and Lukaku formed an outstanding duo in Inter Milan's attack

Lukaku scored 21 goals and provided 10 assists, while Martinez scored 15 goals and scored 5 goals, which are very impressive numbers that confirm the strength of the distinguished duo.

The best defensive record

Legendary coach Sir Alex Ferguson has always stressed the importance of a strong defense to win titles, which Conte has proven with Inter this season, as the team has the strongest "Calcio" defense ever, after it conceded with 29 goals, two more than Juventus, the second-best player. Defensive scoring.

In addition to his defensive strength this season, Inter Milan also had the strongest defensive line last season, having conceded 36 goals in 38 matches, 7 goals less than Juventus, the "champion".

Lukaku is the first player to score 20 goals and 10 assists since 2004

Romelu Lukaku became the first player to score 20 goals or more and provide 10 assists since 2004 in "Calcio", to prove that he is a strong addition to Inter, confirming that his distinguished numbers are the most prominent response to critics of his deal in 2019 when he was included in the "Nerazzurri" for 74 million Euro from Manchester United.

The second most successful club in Italy

The current title is No. 19 in the history of Inter Milan in the "Calcio", to be the second most successful club in Italy in terms of the title, as he shared the runners up before that with his traditional rivals Milan with 18 titles each, while Juventus tops the ranking of the most successful clubs for " Calcio, with 36 titles.