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Do you hate or unable to do plank exercises? Try 5 alternatives that will guarantee you the same results

Do you hate or unable to do plank exercises? Try 5 alternatives that will guarantee you the same results

Plank exercises are one of the few basic exercises to activate 100% of your stomach muscles. But for some reason, you won't see athletes do this nor celebrities like Zac Efron and The Rock. You won't even find someone with abs to praise the workout.

Why? Because the plank exercise does not build the basic functional strength of muscles and is difficult for many.

There's a reason why vigorous workouts only last five minutes while some athletes can do the plank workout for hours. Once you can do the exercise for 60 seconds or more, the exercise gradually becomes easier.

According to the DailyBurn, many people arch their backs while doing a plank exercise without realizing it, putting embarrassing pressure on your back.

An alternative to plank exercises

Also, when the abdominal muscles start to get tired, many people lower their hips to a very low level during movement and this puts dangerous pressure on their lower back.

If you do not like "plank" exercises or can not do them, here are 5 alternative exercises that will help you build your body muscles, especially your stomach, and strengthen them.

Twisting Piston

Take the regular plank position and jump with your feet to the left side of your body and out again. Then jump to the right side and back again. Do both in one continuous movement and repeat 16 times or until you feel you cannot continue.

Russian Twists

If you want to work your obliques (the lateral abs that give you a v-shaped look), do the Russian Twists. Take a set of dumbbells or a weighted ball and roll your body from left to right. Squeeze the abdominal muscles and try to keep the weights as steady as possible.


Any high school footballer will remember this exercise. Lie back and raise your legs a little. Begin placing your legs back and forth with your feet in a scissor-like motion while consciously applying pressure to your stomach muscles. If you want an extreme challenge then sit back while kicking, these are called "v-ups Scissor".

Reverse Crunch

Lie back and raise your legs, but this time bring them towards you in one quick motion.

Seated Ab-Circles

This may be one of the most difficult stomach exercises. Sit with your legs straight out. When you are ready, lift them slightly clockwise for 60 seconds and counterclockwise afterward. You will feel all of your abdominal muscles moving.

Routinely arrange these five exercises trying to do each for 30-60 seconds. Take a few seconds rest between exercises.