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They the best Catalan coach since 2015 and brought the club back to life... But why should Koeman be fired?

 They the best Catalan coach since 2015 and brought the club back to life... But why should Koeman be fired?

The problem with coach Ronald Koeman is much bigger than his Liga loss. Because the scale was to win the LaLiga title, then Barcelona's players had the title in their hands, but they naively lost it. If they did not contribute to wasting points in a naive way throughout the season, it is inevitable that the Spanish League this season was Barcelona's share, far from the accounts of any other teams.

According to Xg statistics, or the expected goals according to the opportunities made, the Barcelona team created more opportunities than Bayern Munich, but created more opportunities than the two poles of Madrid, and received opportunities like them, but the problem with Koeman is greater than all of that; Greater than being stubborn with Ricky Puig, or that he constantly involves semi-players such as Gerard Pique and Sergio Roberto when they return from injury, or that he has involved the 18-year-old Pedri in 50 games this season, or even his late changes.

Coman is the problem

All of these problems are big problems, of course, but they are not sufficient to dismiss a coach from his post, especially if he is the same coach who tactically remedied the team’s crisis after relying on a disastrous plan such as the 4-2-3-1 plan for the current team members, and psychologically after European disasters. Successive and accumulated corruption management over the past years.

Schools of trainers are many, divided into a defensive and offensive department, and more sections are represented in a realistic and balanced section, but all of these schools generally fall into only two classifications: "a flexible coach or a pragmatic coach", "a coach with a technical structure or an ideological trainer."

5 players out of Koeman's accounts (Reuters)

5 players out of Koeman's accounts (Reuters)

The coach who has a technical structure is the coach who tries to find a playing structure on the field with elements that are almost impossible to change if he relies on them. The play structure does not represent the game plan, but rather it is a tactical sentence that this coach’s team trains on daily and always implements them, with non-essential sentences that change.

Why did I start with the coach with the technical structure and not the flexible one? Because the flexible coach is more comprehensive and smart, he has a major playing structure in which other playing structures are involved according to each match, not only that, but according to each period and position in the match, whether a winner, a loser, or a tie.

Ronald Koeman is a coach from the old school in football, the owner of a technical structure that he changes in every team that he coaches, but when he decides to stick with him, he does not deal with him flexibly, but always implements the same methods of this structure, whatever the situation or match, even if he changes Some names.

Therefore, we all begin to understand what is going on in his mind as a coach, for example, he did not change his style under Simeone's management of an offensive match at the Camp Nou stadium, or he did not change the form of his tactical team against any team that was late to him in the result, and the reason for his reliance on Pedri Sahib The 18-year-old is only in 50 games this season in a team the size of Barcelona, ​​because he is more useful than Ricky Puig in offensive defense, that is, he is the first player to make the reverse pressure between the lines when Barcelona lose the ball, just nothing else.

Or that he did not rely on Pjanic this season, even in light of Busquets’s level of delay during periods during the season, or the reason for the scarcity of his tactical changes in any match in which he changes player by player, because it is usually an explicit change, center by position, and even when he changes position to position Else, you won't find him building a tactical sentence on the basis of this change or changing his general style structure.

But he switches a midfielder to an attacker, or a defender with a defender, or a defender with a midfielder, or a defender with a striker, all of this in order to create an advantageous position in any line, not a tactical advantage, as happened during the season in Real Madrid's match against Barcelona in the first round, on for example.

The story has a beginning

Let's go to the topic from its beginning, the topic in this framework; Barcelona beat Valencia in the "Mestalla", Seville in "The Piazza", Real Betis in "The Villamarine", Villarreal in "La Ceramica", Athletic Bilbao in "San Mames" and Real Sociedad in the "Inuit-Real-Arena", and lost points against Granada Eibar, Kadesh and Celta Vigo are at the Camp Nou.

Dembele missed a clear qualification against Paris Saint-Germain, the defenders of the team caused losses throughout the season, individual errors of various degrees of naivety, to the degree that showed the defenders all with a pathetic appearance, because they were scoring goals in themselves, literally, so Barcelona was the enemy of himself in this. Season, before it was weak or had shortcomings.

Let's go to the topic from a further start, it has nothing to do with coach Ronald Koeman, which is that Barcelona plays without an explicit striker, and suffered during the season due to the lack of offensive depth, in many matches that would have changed the map of the season and its results, with no line of defense without exaggeration, and even the absence of Multiple options in the middle.

Well, let's play with these data together, the game of good and good, not good and bad, meaning that assuming Ronald Koeman played Brique Puig instead of Pedri in some matches that need a player behind the ball to bear some of the burdens on Messi, and Barcelona's defenders did not make those childish mistakes that It happened, and Ter Stegen was not very pathetic either, and Barcelona won their matches in which he was his own enemy, and he had an outspoken striker and multiple cards in each line.

Let us now ask two questions to infer the appropriate outcome of all this: Were the results going to improve? Of course, should Ronald Koeman go on? No.

This is the most comprehensive and most significant problem with Ronald Koeman, that he is not an elite coach, and he should not obtain confidence, especially in big matches, no matter how much he fixes a lot of things, even if he is a major reason for laying the foundation stone in building the next Barcelona generation.

Schroeder, the other problem

Schroeder, Ronald Koeman's assistant, represents one side of the problem as well, although he fixed some things, specifically that he transferred the plan to 3-5-2.

And reducing the defensive spaces between Barcelona players, the official Bundesliga website stated that when Schroeder worked with Nagelsmann in Leipzig, he was one of the pioneers of converting the plan of any defensive triple game, which he repeated with Eric Ten Hag in Ajax in the historic 2018 era of the Dutch team.

Why was he part of the problem? Because he was supposed to be the one doing the balancing of the process; The coach is old-fashioned in thinking and proposing on the field, and his ideas are simple, and he believes in technical constants, so he represented Schroeder, a modern, flexible person, who helped him in that, but he failed in that, or at least he did not succeed.

In the end, Barcelona was still the pressurized team, could not do anything behind the ball except cross passes in the first half, then the team waits for Messi's contributions in anything, and he can also get the ball out behind the opponent's pressure, and score or make a danger in the first and second half...

So it was clear that Barcelona misused Messi because instead of using him to build a strong team, he was avoiding in any way the fact that he was a weak team.

Ronald Koeman did a lot for Barcelona, ​​deserving a salute for a season that was unclear, and by containing the situation he would have won a local double, at least he is the best coach who coached Barcelona after Luis Enrique, but despite this, he should not continue in his current position.