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Have you been in a situation and feel like you have been through it before?

 Have you been in a situation and feel like you have been through it before?

Many people go through a situation and feel that they have gone through the same situation before, is this true! Or is it just a dream?! The phenomenon of déjà vu is felt by a large number of people

What is the deja vu phenomenon?

It is a phenomenon that occurs to many people, where they feel that they have gone through situations before or a feeling before, and this word is known in French origin as Déjà vu, which means the illusion of anticipating the vision, so your mind feels that this situation is familiar to you.

The prevalence of deja vu

There are no studies showing the prevalence of deja vu among people, which is not a common phenomenon among people, and if you suspect that you have this phenomenon, this means that you need to observe it from two weeks to several months if it occurs frequently.

Young people are one of the groups that notices the most deja vu phenomenon, and it occurs for the first time at the age of 6 years up to the age of ten, and increases with time from the age of 20 to 25 years.

Explanation of the deja vu phenomenon

There is no real reason that explains one hundred percent what are the reasons behind the phenomenon of deja vu, and there is no study that explains the validity of this topic, but it is a metaphysical science that can be guessed and there is no study to prove it, but psychologists have reached several results and reasons:

A person goes through a similar situation, the memory recalls this situation and the person feels that he has gone through it before, the brain does not erase any of the memories stored inside it, and therefore events are transferred from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind, which calls for these situations even after the passage of years.

The second reason is the result of stimuli and feelings that help to store some details and help to recall details in the past, due to the very fast visual cortex, in sending signals to the memory center, which leads to the feeling that this moment is real.

As for the third conclusion, it was the cause of an increase in one of the neurotransmitters present in the cells of the temporal lobe of the brain (dopamine), and scientists attributed this defect to the discharge of electrical charges in the brain, and doctors link it to a type of temporal epilepsy of the brain, and this type of epilepsy is known as a defect in neurotransmitters and the nervous system. .

Deja vu treatment

A large number of doctors agree that déjà vu is not a disease but a phenomenon, but others work to help the person with treatment from a medical point of view, which is an examination of the excess electrical activity in the temporal lobe of the brain, and if it is confirmed that there is an increase, the patient is given a type of treatment for a period of 6 months.